Conferences and training

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Conferences and training in Green Park Conference Centre in serock are organized from the 1992 year. There have trained thousands of people, also from abroad, held dozens of conferences, successful business meetings and team building events.


A1 – Calvin de Haan jersey youth small, do 12 people, 28m2
It, G – small, do 18 people, 38 and 35m2
H, K – average, do 26 people, 36 and 61m2
B, C and F – average, do 50 people, 61 and 70m2
B + C – high, do 140 people, 131m2
VIP – meeting room for 13 people, 43m2



Companies just can organize training of Warsaw is here, by receiving this, most importantly: discreet help and assistance of highly qualified personnel for the entire period of stay and the comfort of modern rooms, equipped with LCD projectors, sound, Internet, screens, flipcharty. ZegrzyƄski, surrounding nature and the close location of Warsaw are additional assets, important for conference and training.

Therefore, if we want to organize conferences near Warsaw, It is certainly the best choice will be Green Park Conference Centre menagerie! The more, that, in addition to the above benefits, the resort is famous for its very good kitchen.



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